31 October 2011


Media information: Monday 31 October 2011

Radical Performance Engines, the world’s foremost constructor of small-capacity racing engines, has been selected by TC2000, Latin America’s most advanced touring car series, as official engine supplier from 2012.

Radical Performance Engines will supply 42 units of its 2.7-litre TCX V8, the front-wheel-drive variant of RPE’s popular RPX engine. These will be mated to the championship’s Xtrac control gearbox, and fitted to all cars in the silhouette touring car series. The TCX will be used from the beginning of the 2012 season for at least three years.

TC2000 is Latin America’s most advanced touring car series, and is contested across 12 rounds in Argentina, including the Santa Fe street circuit, and Potrero de los Funes, a 3.8-mile circuit encircling Lake Potrero de los Funes. The series regularly attracts up to 30 cars per event, with representation from a range of marques, including Ford, Honda, Toyota, Fiat, Chevrolet, Peugeot, Renault and Volkswagen.

The RPE TCX engine develops 430bhp and up to 260lb/ft of torque, the 72° V8 cylinder, 32-valve quad-cam design incorporating racing-technology cylinder heads, mounted to a dedicated dry-sump crankcase. A flat-plane steel billet crankshaft transmits power to the gearbox, while a gear drive rotates the Formula One specification scavenge pumps, twin oil supply pumps and the coolant pump. RPE has constructed over 230 RP V8s since the engine’s launch in 2005, primarily for use in Radical’s SR8 racing cars, but also for applications as varied as autograss, hillclimbing, off-road and even jetski racing.

"RPE is proud to forge a new relationship with TC2000, bringing the performance, sound and reliability of the RP V8 engine to a new audience," said RPE director Ted Hurrell. "At only 88kg, the TCX V8 is one of the lightest and most cost-effective racing V8s on the market, and we look forward to supporting TC2000, at the same time reinforcing the RPE brand in Latin America."

Notes to editors:

Radical Performance Engines are the world’s leading small-capacity racing engine and drive system specialists. With over thirty years’ experience in engine tuning, Radical Performance Engines has established an enviable reputation in the design and production of an increasing range of four and eight-cylinder race engines, all of which are built and developed in-house. Such is RPE’s confidence in the reliability of the engine work it carries out, much is covered by a warranty for 40 racing hours; no other manufacturer at this level of motorsport offers such cover.

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